Pattern Review: Past Patterns #704 Ball Gown

This is a ball gown bodice, by Past Patterns. My mother did most of the sewing, being a much better seamstress then I! However I'm practicing, so hopefully someday, I won't be so dependent on my sisters and her (hehe!).

Past Patterns calls this an 1860"s bodice. A friend of mine, who is very knowledgeable in victorian clothing, says that they had tops like this even earlier. So I can use it for both 1840's (minus the hoops) and 1860's reenacting.

Many victorian dresses are closely fitted to the corset, so it is important to make a muslin draft first. I still had trouble with the torso being too long, so next time I'll be more picky with the draft.

I wish I had some photos of the back. It looks a lot like the front, but has a laced closure. I think it's really pretty and easier then making buttonholes!!

We did modify the sleeves a little, but otherwise followed the pattern.

That is me with my darling baby sister Jubi.

You can find this pattern at pastpatterns.com, along with many others!

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