Pattern Review: Corset, Past Patterns #708

This is the second corset I've sewn. When measuring myself for the first one, I didn't take into consideration the cinching, and it ended up being too big. Better to be a bit too small, than too big, when it comes to corsets.
     The first was a simpler pattern, just made up of curvy shaped panels. So, once I decided to try again, I was a little more ambitious and chose a pattern that involved gussets. I hadn't had any prior experience sewing them, but I always seem to convince myself, in regards to sewing, that I can do ANYTHING! Not that it works out that way, but I sure do enjoy the feeling.

I'm very pleased with how the gussets turned out, and over all am happy with this corset.
     The only thing I'd do differently would be to get some nice metal boning from online. Instead I used some plastic stuff I got at JoAnns. Which is not exactly doing it's job, too flexible.

So, I'd definitely recommend this pattern. I've been sewing for most of my life, not always successfully, but I was trying, so this might be on the difficult side for a beginner. But if your not like me (I have a heck of a time recovering from a failure) give it a try.
     This pattern is based on an original 1800s corset, which I really like, makes it all the more authentic.
     And Along with the sewing instructions there was info on the original corset, alternative ideas, etc. I just love Past Patterns.

At the Fort where we re-enact, we usually dress as either 'officers wives' or 'laundresses'. So if you are thinking of making a corset for yourself, definitely take into consideration what all you'll be doing in it.
     This corset is better suited for a woman of leisure. I find it is kinda difficult to bend at the waist when wearing it, which doesn't work when cooking over a open fire.
     Here is another pattern from Past Patterns, that they call their sensible stays.


Lezlie said...


That corset looks AMAZING! (But I still don't want to wear one!) :)


B.K. said...


They're really not to bad if they are custom fitted, and not laced too tight! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely job! Never know it was only your second attempt. Yes, metal boning makes all of the difference...especially in the comfort and support areas! Thanks for the review.

B.K. said...

Awww, thanks Dena!
I'm glad to hear that the metel boning can be more comfortable! The plastic stuff, when put under the strain needed in a corset, it begins to bend and jab, not pleasant!