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"Last night we were all sitting on the balcony in the moonlight, singing as usual with our guitar" - A Confederate girl's diary By Sarah Morgan Dawson

These past few days I have been strumming happily away on my Mom's guitar, I wanted to play an instrument that's a little more transportable then a piano. And have been weighing my options. Guitar? banjo? or something else? (violin, flute, harp, mandolin, etc.) Since I don't need to buy a guitar, I chose that one.

This Guitar is from the Metropolitan Museum Collection.
Date ca. 1835, Geography Paris, France

I've seen a few paintings (and even a CDV) of women playing guitars (during the mid nineteenth century). Here is a lithograph by Sir George Hayter. Judging by the lady's clothing, I'm guessing it's sometime in the 1830's to early 1840's. (My little sister Kaja pointed out the pretty ribbon on the guitar head)

I found this image at www.klassiskgitar.net

I've been told that the Banjo was popular during the Mid Nineteenth century, and supposedly guitars were rare? at least in America. But I find that a little hard to believe :( (hehe).

Here is a quote from A Confederate girl's diary By Sarah Morgan Dawson

"At sixteen, Harry gave me a guitar. Here was a new field where I would have no competitors. I knew no one who played on it;"

So maybe they were rare and not as popular as nowadays? *Sigh* well I might as well just quit... :P hehe, No Way Jose! I've fallen head over heels in love with them! and plan on taking My (er, Mom's) guitar to the next event! :P hehe.

If you love the guitar as much as I, here are a few that I thought might pass muster. (and not cost a fortune)

Aria Parlor Acoustic Guitar

A&L Ami Guitar

Squier by Fender SP1 Parlor Acoustic Guitar

Okay, one more quote from Sarah Morgan
"and then my heart failed me when I thought of my guitar, so I caught it up in the case"

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Stephanie Ann said...

I love Sarah Morgan. I thought it was cute when she said that when she asked for guitar strings at all of the shops, the owners only laughed at her because of the blockade. I am learning guitar too. I was very very lucky to get a modern reproduction of a parlor guitar last Christmas. Here's a picture of it on my blog:


I hope that you find an instrument that you like to play. Music makes reenactments much more lively and warm. I like your blog.