Hints for the Ladies

"G O O D  H U M O R."
"Keep in good humor. It is not great calamities that embitter existence; it is the petty vexations, the small jealousies, the little disappointments, the minor miseries, that make the heart heavy and the temper sour. Don't let them. Anger is a pure waste of vitality; it is always foolish, and always disgraceful, except in some very rare cases, when it is kindled by seeing wrong done to another; and even that noble rage seldom mends the matter. Keep in good humor!
     No man does his best except when he is cheerful. A light heart makes nimble hands, and keeps the mind free and alert. No misfortune is so great as one that sours the temper. Until cheerfulness is lost, nothing is lost! Keep in good humor!
     The company of a good humored man is a perpetual feast; he is welcomed everywhere— eyes glisten at his approach, and difficulties vanish in his presence. Franklin's indomitable good humor did as much for his country in the old Congress as Adams's fire or Jefferson's wisdom; he clothed wisdom with smiles, and softened contentious minds into acquiescence. Keep in good humor!
     A good conscience, a sound stomach, a clean skin, are the elements of good humor. Get them, and keep them, and—be sure to keep in good humor."

Godey's magazine, Volume 55, edited by Louis Antoine Godey, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale


Jay Scott. said...

Not only for the ladies. :)

B.K. said...

For sure!