Victorian Hairstyle; for girls with short or medium length hair

This is a simple, and pretty quick hairstyle I often use when helping my younger sisters do their hair for an event.

Here are three similar period examples, you can click on each of the images to visit their sources.

- I start with brushed hair, parted in the center.
- Then I section off the hair in front of the ear.

- To keep it smooth, and make the twist start higher on the head, I brush the hair, pulling it straight back.
- Then start twisting it, focusing nearer the front first. Work it along so it stays tight all the way down, to just above the ear.
(I find these steps are easier if her head is tilted up a little.)

- Next I insert two bobby-pins at slightly different angles. Both towards the front the head.

- I set this with some hairspray. Also works well to start with slightly wet hair, and use some sort of gel or pomade to set the hair.
- Can be worn plain, or with a ribbon tied around the head.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

You may want to check out my blog, the girl in the top center photograph is a girl I have several cartes de visites of, and did a post on! I am interested in where you got this image? Is the cdv yours or was this printed in a book?

Great post on the hairstyle, by the way!

B.K. said...

I came across that image on flickr. You can click on the image in the post to view my source, or here is also a link.

When I was searching for period examples of girls hairstyles, I actually did come across your post with several cdvs. I didn't realize they were of the same girl as the one I used. :D Lovely images!