Pattern Review: Period Impressions-453 Workdress

Period Impressions 453 Workdress

Well, I've been working on this dress for a little over a week. It's real easy to put together, which was a good thing since the instructions were lacking in some details. I eventually didn't bother reading the instructions and just figured it out on my own, that shows you how easy it was! :P. I enlarged the pattern a little, but I must have made a mistake because now it's to big...
See!! This is how it should have been...Argh! (hehe)
I'll be wearing an apron with this dress 98% of the time, so it's not too bad.

Would I make this dress again? Yes I would and actually I'm already in the process of making another :P hehe. I plan on making the next one a little nicer. Now that I see where my problem areas are I think it will turn out really good.


Jay Scott. said...


Susan said...

Thanks Dad!!

Love You!! :D

Stephanie Ann said...

It's very pretty. I love green and that style dress. I keep wanting to make a new dress but really can't justify spending the money. I've had the same two dresses for 4 years but they are still functional.

Susan said...

Oh! thank you Stephanie Ann! :D
I love this style of dress too. I kind of understand only needing so many dresses hehe! I'm always thinking of another dress I'll need.
fortunately I'm pretty good at procrastinating too hehe.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I think it is absolutely lovely, even if it did come out slightly big. :)
Haha, that is funny. Half the time I don't pay attention to the instructions, either... ;)
Have a wonderful day!
In Christ's Service,

Susan said...

Thanks Sarah :D

Z. A. said...

Beautiful Susi!

Susan said...

Thank You Ellie! :D

Moose said...

Hi Susan! I'm hoping you get my comment - I'm a little late! By about a year and a half... teehee! First, I think you did a lovely job with the dress. I just love that color! Second, I'm in the process of making this same dress and was hoping you could help me out with the directions - or lack thereof. Erp. Can you explain the front facing directions?? I feel like I'm reading a bad translation of something on those instructions... Thanks ever so much!

Susan said...

Oh thanks! :) Yeah, those instruction were tough! Let me find my pattern and I'll see if I can help out! I plan on making that dress again soon for a friend. It really is easy to put together just have to do a lot of guessing.

Susan said...

Okay, here is what I did with my front facing

With right sides together lay the front facings on top of the center fronts.  (where the buttons and buttonholes will be.) 

 Baste the seam  (like the  image on the instructions.)

Opening that you'll have the seam in the middle, fold it so it's on the edge, (the seam...) Iron flat. 

Fold over again, so the seam is inside, Iron flat.  On mine I have about an inch of fabric folded in. 

Then what I did is whip stitch it in place. 

Now they are ready for buttons and buttonholes.

If you have any more questions, just ask!!

The question is, how in the world did figure those instructions on my own? Hehe ;) :)

Anonymous said...

I find that the Period Impression patterns are lacking in the instructions so it helps if you have some sewing experience. Your dress is very nice and is my favorite color. :-)