Pattern Review: Period Impressions - 453 Workdress (Part 2)

Same pattern much better results... :P hehe.

Knowing where my problems were ahead of time made the second attempt a whole lot easier. I'm still in the learning phase (sewing and fitting), but practice makes perfect, so I should be getting better? by and by! hehe.
I'm planning to add a little bit of braiding on the bodice and attaching a pair of cuffs and collar. I've seen lots of period dresses similar to this one, I like the simplicity of this style and it's easy to add a little trim or new sleeves. It's a very versatile pattern, makes a great "work dress" left plain, but with a little more detail it becomes a little dressier.
Obviously, we didn't think of it at the time, but it would've been a good idea to taken some photos without the apron, shoot! ;) Sometime, ones presence of mind fails oneself.

Yesterday, we spent the day at the Fort and I ended up wearing both dresses. The green one now smells of smoke, but that's what happens when you cook over an open flame. It comes with some other hazards as well! I burned and cut my left hand. :( :P hehe.

Guess how many petticoats I'm wearing? no I'm kidding (okay, okay, three of them, hehe.)

P.S. Even though it says B.K. below, this was posted by myself, Susan.

P.P.S But the post wouldn't have looked half as nice without B.K.'s help... hehe :P


Lady Serena Staverley said...

That is soooo pretty Susy!!! I love it! :OD
~ Amy

Susan said...

Thanks Amy! :D How have you been? :)

Rachel B. said...

Oh that's LOVELY!! Can't wait to see it with a collar!! That will just make it pop!

Susan said...

Thank You Rachel :)

Yeah, I think a collar would really finish it off. I've got some old lace that just might work, at least I hope it will :P :D