Event Post - Bushwhacker Days

 Every Saturday for the last three weeks there has been an event to go to and next week is a Tragedy Tour!

 Helping the Border Creek Raiders is something new for us, we've been doing living history at the Fort for several years now, but hadn't been anywhere else.

 They invited us to join them for Bushwhacker Days in Nevada Missouri last week at Good Ol' Days.
It turned out to be so fun I'm glad we went.

 Here is the full post on the family blog.


Cane said...

Hi, you have an image on your pinterest account of Emma Morley, and I was wondering what sort of direction you might have in finding the original source of that image. Thanks.

Susan said...

I'm not sure where it came from exactly but it might have been one of these Facebook groups.


Lecompton Reenactors