Book Review: Who Wore What?

Who Wore What? By Juanita Leisch
I love this book! and haven't read any other like it. Juanita Leisch has researched what women would wear depending on age, wealth etc. during the Civil War era. She has excellent info for any woman wanting a correct Civil War outfit. Another thing I love about this book is the information on how to research photos. I spend hours looking at old CDV's online and feel like I didn't soak in as much information as I'd like, she writes how she's done it.

The sites I like best for CDV's are The Mccord Museum and Metropolitan Museum


B.K. said...

That is a super great book, if I could only recommend one to a reenactress, that would be it.

Miss Amy said...

Oooh! It looks really neat! I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere! :OD

Susan said...

i borrowed it from the Library, but if I ever get my hands on my own!! I'd be thrilled :D

Stephanie Ann said...

I have found the lack of bibliography in this book upsetting. Although the styles can be documented, I feel that a bibliography would have made the arguments much stronger. I also feel that the book doesn't cover the poor, slaves, or freed blacks. I do like the book, it sums up the look very nicely, I just wish there was more evidence than "out of my collection only so many are wearing this..."