Carpet Bags

Rebecca and I went to a carpet bag workshop at the Fort last March. I did most of it that day then stuck it in my project box and abandoned it! so I took it out last tuesday and had Mom buy two dowels and a flat board, I sewed on a clasp and when Mom came home had Blu cut the wood to fit. All I had left to do was sew the handles up so the dowels don't slip out! I really should of done this in March :P hehe. I was doing a little bit of research and during the 1840's carpet bags started coming out because there was a demand for cheaper luggage.


B.K. said...

Hey Susi, when I first looked at this post I didn't notice the closure you have on the flap, it looks really nice.

Love you, Becca

Susan said...

Thanks! It was a lot easier then a buttonhole :P hehe.