Hints for the Ladies

"The frequent use of the-tepid' bath is the best cosmetic I can recommend to my readers in this connection. By such ablutions, the accidental corporeal impurities are thrown off, cutaneous obstructions removed ; and while the surface of the body is preserved in its original brightness, many threatening disorders are prevented. It is by this means that the women of the East render their skins as soft and fair as those of the tenderest babes. I wish to impress upon every beautiful woman, and especially upon the one who leads a city life, that she cannot long preserve the brightness of her charms without a daily resort to this purifying agent. She should make the bath as indispensable an article in her house as her looking-glass."

The Arts of Beauty or Secrets of a Lady's Toilet: With hints to gentlemen on the art of fascinating. by Lola Montez (1858)

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Lezlie said...

Encouraging baths is good. I'm for it! :)