Pattern Review: Simplicity 2890 and 7215

Goodness!! I felt pretty funny wearing my chemise and drawers outdoors! :P hehe. I made the chemise a few years back with Simplicity's pattern 7215, which unfortunately is discontinued. It was a little difficult, especially since I am not much of a seamstress, but with plenty of my Mom's help I was able to finish it. One thing I like a lot about this chemise is it's similarity to an original I found at the Metropolitan Museum.

1830's Chemise

I like how the original doesn't have buttons on the front, which on mine are kind of useless. The only problem I've had with my chemise is it was slipping down my shoulders, I took the easy route and sewed a few small tucks in the neckline, so far that has solved it.

I can hardly believe I've been re-enacting for six years and have not made myself pair of drawers! Well... actually I can believe that... argh! hehe. I used the Simplicity pattern 2890 for these, altering them just a little. I sewed the crotch seam and put in an elastic waistband. It was easy to put together and I had no trouble understanding the instructions. And believe it or not!! I made it all by myself! I've been also thinking of sewing the corset that is included with this pattern, we'll see how that goes. :D

The one and only problem I've had with these drawers, is their ridiculous appearance. They are a joke to wear! But since most people wear them under a dress, it's really not that bad :P hehe.


Stephanie Ann said...

I sewed a corset myself, if you need any help, let me know. It wasn't too bad.

If you scroll down here, there's a picture:


People say it is really hard, I am not much of a seamstress either and had very little difficulty. Good luck.

Susan said...

Oh Thank You!! That'd be great!!

Your corset looks really good.

Sisi said...

Very nice undergarmets!

Susan said...

Hehe! Thank You :D

Selina said...

i left a comment on your cute thrifty blog before i realized the date on the post... oops...

LOVE the top... i know its probably supposed to be an under shirt or something but i would TOTALLY wear it!!!


B.K. said...

Hey! Thanks!
I always get e-mails when someone comments on my blogs, so I got it. I'm glad you like the blog. :D

Yeah, it is a chemise, but it would totally work as a modern blouse, cut shorter, maybe tucked into a high waisted skirt, or over a tight pair of cut-offs. I've been really into flow-y, loose tops lately.

cerise_sims said...

I love these pics; as I'm working on this very pattern right now!

Whitney Wiggs said...

I definitely would recommend this sew along to everyone!


Whitney Wiggs said...
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