Pattern Review: Past Patterns, #002 Early Nineteenth Century Chemise

I'm very happy with how this chemise turned out! Plus it was pretty easy and quick to put together.

The "open-neckline" is the style I went with, mostly because I wanted to be able to slip it over my head without having to un-button anything, but also I thought it was a little easier to make. Hehe!
      I had decided to hand sew all the felled seams, because I didn't want any visible modern seams. Which was time consuming, but I'm really glad I did, I think it looks more period correct.
      I kept mine pretty simple, but the pattern said that the original garment, was embroidered with red thread and had mice teeth needlework finishing the neck and sleeve edges.
      If I could go back, the only thing I'd do is make the body longer. Not a big deal, it's just after putting the corset on, it could be a tad-bit longer. But I'm also pretty tall, so this is probably a good length for someone of average height. :P :)

Here is a link to this pattern on their website, pastpatterns.com

P.S. My sister is modeling.


Stephanie Ann said...

It looks good. I am almost finished a 18 century shift. Yours really does look nice, I like the open neckline.

B.K. said...

Thanks! :)