Corset, made at workshop with Marti McCartney

Over a weekend this last month, we took part in a workshop over at the fort. It was on corsets and it was given by Marti McCartney [mccartneymike(at)sbcglobal(dot)net].
I didn't work on a corset for myself, but helped my little sister with hers.

I believe this corset was based on the Simplicity Corset #2890, though with several alterations, and custom fitting.
That was the biggest learning experience of the weekend for me, the fitting, in particular the gussets.

She cuts the gusset pieces on the large size, so that we can then sew down one side of each gusset, and pin the other side in place. Then with the corset on, adjust that side for just the right fit, widening or narrowing the gusset. Of course then sew it in place. Wonderful! This had never crossed my mind, and it makes it all seem so much easier now.

We, Kaja and I, are both very happy with how it came out, and so glad to have had Marty to help us!
Makes me want to get on to making a new one for myself! (with metal bones this time! "Grrrr" at plastic bones.)


Stephanie Ann said...

It looks really good. Great job!

B.K. said...

Thanks! :)

Donna said...

This is really a cute and informational site, sorry that nothing new posted! I haveninjoyed all the older posts.

Susan said...

Hey thanks! :) Life's been taking over lately, but I've got lots of post ideas, we'll see how that goes, hehe ;).