Wool yarn from thrifted sweaters.

Wool yarn can be on the pricy side!

 So, a great place to get perfectly good wool yarn, for much less is your local thrift store. It takes a little searching, and one has be open minded when it comes to colors. But it can got for much, MUCH less!

And sometimes for free! :) I've been pulling apart a much used, but now unwanted sweater and have plans of repurposing it into a sontag.

FIY: One important thing to look out for when checking over a sweater for use, is that the seams have not been cut and serged together!


Stephanie Ann said...

I love this idea. I was just talking about how expensive yarn is... thrifted sweaters are normally pretty cheap. It would also probably be easy to make something really pretty out of something rather frumpy. I love the color you choose. How much yarn did you get out of the one sweater?

B.K. said...

I am not sure how much yarn I got, it's a ball, larger than a softball, but smaller then a volleyball. :D LOL!

The cream yarn that Susan used to make her sontag, was actually also from a sweater we had salvaged.