Pattern Review: Simplicity 2890 - Corset

Ladies and.... Ladies, I am pleased to bring to your attention the wonderful, beautiful and finally finished Simplicity 2890 corset!

I'm so happy with how it turned out, and the pattern wasn't hard to follow either, which means a lot to me! hehe. 

 Simplicity 2890 was created by Kay Gnagey of Originals by Kay based on the standard short corsets worn in the 1860s. You can even purchase the boning and busk for this pattern from her site.

Wanting my boning custom sized I ordered mine from Corset Making. Though more risky attempting to figure out the right measurements, it was worth it for me, having suffered from my last corset being a nightmare to wear because of fitting issues.
-Busk too long, eventually snapped from bending and when sitting it'll raise up looking rather strange.
-Boning on side jabbing into armpit.
And can you believe it took me five years to finally realize I needed to toss it in the trash, and start over?! don't make the same mistake as me... ;)

What do you think of this scrumptious pink and white stripe??? Seeing it in Rebecca's fabric stash, I fell for it like a ton of bricks. "That's mine, my fabric, mine, mine" You know that feeling right?? ;) 

A feature not included in the pattern, that I added, is a handy dandy drawstring through the top of the corset, which helps prevent that ugly ridge. 

When cutting out the pattern you might need to make it a size or two smaller, the commercial patterns have run a little big in our experience. Be prepared, make a mock up first!!!  

The lacing in back can be as wide as 8" with no bad effect, but being close together, for example 2" hasn't worked for me because the space there allows flexibility. I adjust the lacing on my corset every once in awhile, but most of the time put it on as is, and that's worked just fine for me.  


Lilac Bud Gal said...

I recently made a corset, and I think that it may have been this pattern. Yours looks much nicer than mine, but I do have to say that I was rather proud of how mine turned out (seeing that it was my first one!). I ordered my boning from Corset making as well and was very pleased with it. I think I made it too large, though, because the lacing at the back is very close together (almost touching!). So, I'm thinking I need to remake it.. but I'll make it out of a thicker/more durable cloth. :) I made it out of just a muslin, which didn't work that well. =P
Thanks for sharing pics! It looks lovely! :)

Charo Palacios said...

It is a beautiful corset and your recommendations are very good and successful. Greetings from Spain.

Susan said...

Thanks!!! :D it's nice to meet you Charo Palacios! :)
I feel so bad Lilac Bud Gal! I should've responded so much sooner!!!! I think making a new corset is a great idea, the fit is so important. I know from experience now.... ;) my new one's a lot more comfortable.