2013 Civil War Encampment at Fort Scott!

Lots of photos over on our family blog! WELL FULL >>>


Katie J said...

That looks like so much fun. I read a book based in the South on a plantation and have absolutely fell in love with it. I'm looking into wanting to do stuff like re-enactments and possibly even working at one of the plantation homes we have down here. Do you guys have any advice for anybody just coming into the re-enacting?

Thanks a lot!

Susan said...

It is fun! :) Well, for starting out it is important to research CDVs, magazines, museums clothing collections to help you get an idea of the look of that era. The Fort we volunteer at is a National Historic Site and they have living history clothing for volunteers to borrow, that helps when you're just starting out. The first clothing items to get are the undergarments; chemise, drawers, corset, 1-2 petticoats, hoop skirt, stockings and garters. I like the simplicity patterns and you can find sales and get them for a dollar at Joanns, Hobby Lobby... Make sure the corset fits right! I can't stress that enough! Hehe! ;) Now the next layer; a dress, shoes, bonnet, apron, shawls... It's important to have a well fitted dress, there were some loose fitting clothing during the 1860s, but generally it seems like they wore their clothing pretty fitted. If you are reenacingt mostly during the summer I think making a sheer dress would be really nice. I get really burnt out by the burden of wearing my reenacting clothing, it's heavy, hot, tight... So finding ways to be comfortable while still period correct is pretty important, fun and safety-wise. I read journals, 19th century fiction and magazines to help me better understand their thoughts and opinions. I've come up with lots of conclusions from them, like wearing veils, mourning, little boys wearing dresses?? It all seems odd, but when you find their reasonings some of it it starts to make sense. If you have any questions we'd be happy to help out! :D