Event Post - Bushwhacker Days 2013

Bushwhacker Days is now one of my favorite events! The Border Creek Raiders take their traveling town over to Nevada, Missouri to play a series of fun little skits through out the day.

This year is of particular notice for the town, since it is the 150th Anniversary of Nevada being burned to the ground, by the Union Army. As you can see it has been rebuilt.

A Union soldier was killed right at our doorstep, by the Bushwhackers, despite our pleading to spare his life!

The battle raged on, the guns were loud! Dad would like us to have ear plugs next time.

Soldiers are really terrifying when coming in such a large mass, and wildly shooting their guns.

And when they're forcing you out of your homes.... Burning it to the ground....

Now how this was done.... Is a trade secret! ;)

But Safety First! with the special effects! Right behind the building are Firemen, carefully watching the flames. Along with everyone one of us re-enactors!

We're looking forward to an event in Pleasanton Kans., this October that The Border Creek Raiders are planning to attend. Maybe Abi and I will write one of the skits? Just maybe... :) We're brainstorming some hopefully comedic stories.

Also, more photos from the Nevada Daily Mail!

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Gallery 4Gallery 5, and Gallery 6.


Issy said...

Thank your for sharing the photos. The event sounds really interesting and great fun. :)

Susan said...

You're welcome! It was lots of fun. It's different then the kind of living history we're used too, a little more of a Wild West feel to it!

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